Demand Rob Ford's Resignation From Your Councillor and Norm Kelly

I fired off this note to my councillor and to Norm Kelly this morning.  I ask all concerned Torontonians to do the same:

Rob Ford is no longer merely an embarrassment to the city, he is a real and present danger to the people of Toronto and, indeed, to all people as he continues to promote both hate and rape culture.  You have, thus far, dealt with him gracefully.  The time for grace has passed.  Removing him from office, in light of the most recent revelations, is not an act of unkindness toward one man; it is an act of protection toward the people whom you represent.  To do nothing, to allow him to retain his position and his title, is to condone and to promote his moral bankruptcy as an acceptable norm, and to place in danger every Torontonian who might suffer the product of his brand of hate.  As a citizen of this city and one of your constituents, I respectfully ask you to demand the resignation of Rob Ford.