Reply from MM McMahon (nothing yet from Norm Kelly)

Hello Lisa,
Thank you for your email.  Councillor McMahon, and most, if not all, of Council share your concerns for our City and its people.  Unfortunately, Toronto City Council does not have the ability to remove a Mayor from office, or force him/her to resign.  Council has already voted to reduce all the powers to which the Mayor is not legally entitled as well as to reduce his budget and his staff considerably. 
We can only hope that the City of Toronto elects a new Mayor on October 27th. 
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Wow, she was really blunt!

I emailed Berardinetti last week, not about this but because I had an issue with Ford being paid his salary while on personal, not medical leave.  If she replies I'll post here.


City Council's hands are tied by the City of Toronto Act.  And that's why I'm going to focus my personal energies on raising the issue with provincial candidates.  Lisa, you wrote an awesome letter, and I love Councillor McMahon's response...but I think they're stuck.

So:  let's vote the bum out, and let's ensure that provincial candidates know that the legal framework under which the city has to work...wasn't designed to deal with Rob Ford.