What have you learned at the sit-in?

I'm working on creating the ability for people to add personal profile pages to this site where they can share their experiences at the sit-in & more info about themselves and why they've been participating; but it may take me a few more days to get that up.

So in the meantime I thought it'd be a good idea to start this topic where we can all begin to jot down notes about what we've been experiencing and learning. I wholeheartedly encourage all sit-in participants to share their stories about the sit-in here!

But they seem to be okay when we just move the chairs along the wall they're regularly against, right? Like if we move them into a group around that small coffee table? 

I think it was a matter of one security staff who objected to having the furniture moved away from the wall, he pointed out that the chairs had been moved the day before and sinuated they had not been moved back.  Toby contradicted the statement (when said guard was not around) and told us all chairs were moved back when they left the night before.  We now know some weekend staff works by the rule.