Strange incidents at City Hall

For those who follow along on twitter, you've probably already heard about this but for the rest, a couple of strange things happened today.  One was a light that was moved/damaged to point into the glass doors of Ford's office and bounce off that to light up/cause blindness to people in the sit-in.  We always sit across from Ford's office and next to the elevator.  Someone, a vandal or otherwise, managed to move the light.  Councillor Mihevc adjusted it so it wasn't hitting the eyes of the sitters, but it sounds like there was damage to the wires.

The other thing was a video camera was discovered to have plastic wrapped around it and black tape over it.  Nobody seems to know anything about this.  When did it happen?  Is it totally innocent or does someone not want the camera to work as it should?  It seems to be oddly timed since the media recently filed an FOI request to get video of the mayor via the security cameras at city hall.  One was by the front doors and the other in the underground.

I would like to know who taped the camera and for what reason. Security must have noticed the camera not functioning. If the camera is not working repair it don't cover it so it is not functioning. Together with the light incident and camera cover up it looks like someone is up to no good or doesn't want anything recorded at or near the mayor's office.  Can we request FOI?  

OK Let's do it. Prank or not we need to think about safety and harrasment.

Would a ladder be needed or would someone be able to pull a green chair over and stand on it, then move the light and tape over the camera? 

A chair would have been sufficient it the person was tall enough - either way if it was a childish prank it was a stupid one since the wiring was damaged, as for the disabling of the camera it makes me think what the heck they are up to.  Thug behaviour I would say.


So Graeme says it's a new camera along with 7 others.  I guess the only way to find out is to find the other 7 and see if they're wrapped up.