Staying healthy & kind while sitting in front of evil

In my experience of spending many days at the sit-in while it was in its initial stages, it gradually began to really sink into me - into my bones - that the Fords are evil.

They lie constantly, deliberately, about anything and everything; they deliberately seek to create hate, anger, chaos, division, discord, strife; they count straight-up criminals amongst their closest friends and associates; and... well, yeah, you know the list.

The point is - it's not just a list. It's not an abstract thing. If the bulk of the things that a person spends their time thinking, saying, and doing can be categorized as bad/wrong/amoral/immoral/unethical/vile... there comes a time when that person will have morphed into something that can really most accurately be described by one plain, simple word - "evil".

And that's where the Fords are at.

It's sort of shocking to experience it. To really feel it. Directly. To get past the media, the videos, the stories, endless articles, the second-hand accounts, the walls of lies, the distortions... and to just be there, at City Hall, in front of Rob Ford's office, and have a direct, unmediated experience of feeling that evil.

So... yeah. I'm starting this thread as a place to discuss evil. And how to confront it, counter it, and overcome it while remaining healthy, kind, compassionate, and loving. How to overcome it without being wrecked by it. 

I'll start! - I've found the following things, new-agey sounding as they may be, to be really, really, really essential (for me!) - 

  • smudging
  • meditation
  • having a long shower immediately after getting home from the sit-in
  • visualizing a protective barrier around myself & the sit-in while there
  • taking my focus and attention completely off Ford & matters Ford-related for as much time every day as I can
  • sharing experiences with other sit-in participants
  • feeling everything and not attempting to suppress or deny any emotions that may arise, however intense or "negative" they may be
  • therapy

If you have any other tips/suggestions/ideas for how to stand (or sit!) against a deeply evil force while retaining your own goodness and kindness - please share here!

I just wanted to maintain that I am very much not comfortable with calling the Fords "evil".

Using moral terminology as such would likely be appealing to people with concrete spiritual/religious beliefs, but is also a big turn off for people who are not such.

Everytime I see the word, I pretty much can't help myself from thinking "cult" and "nutters". I can't imagine I would be the only person with this type of reaction.

I pretty much cringe every time I see the word "evil" in a tweet, and find myself less inclined to take it seriously. Just being honest.

With that said, I totally agree that there is a negative vibe with the Fords, and that when exposed to it constantly, and talking about it constantly, that there is a need for good self-care.



Hi Sam - completely get where you're coming from. I've been using the term on my personal twitter account & used it a handful of times recently on RFMG twitter account.

I'm curious though - you agree that there's a "negative vibe" with the Fords... might there not be a point at which the "vibes" a person gives off (as a result of their words, actions, and general conduct) are so "negative"... that they could legitimately be described as, y'know, "evil"? 

Also - general question - MUST the categories of "good" and "evil" ALWAYS be associated with "concrete spiritua/religious" beliefs? Is there no room for use of or discussion of such amongst people (such as myself and I gather you) who skew towards agnostic or atheistic worldviews? 

And... ok - throwing this out as an open question! - should we refrain from using terms like "good" and "evil" on the RFMG twitter account & other social media venues? 

What do all y'all think? 


Since we have to describe the situation in limited amount of characters evil would be preferable over "not very nice" or "undesirable"  They are  "evil" "skeeming" & "devious" characters.

I think the vibe I'm referring to is more complex. Quite naturally, when people participate in the sit-in, they share their ideas and perspectives as to why they believe Rob Ford must go. In other words, more often than not, it is a very one sided experience that without doubt can magnify frustration (Rob Ford is Mayor). While I believe there is much to be learned, I think the emotional experience of discussing all the bad things that come with Rob Ford can overwhelm people. In such circumstances, it is far too easy to fall into thinking error patterns, such as "all or none" approaches, labeling & mislabeling, jumping to conclusions, magnification, catastrophizing, emotional reasoning, personalization/externalization, and even fortune telling. Not sure if I am making myself clear here, but will leave it at that.

Good VS Evil

You can debate it in circles, and it certainly can be used in a wide range of ways outside of context of the origins of the word. But you have to ask yourself - is the sit in about reclaiming or redefining "evil", or is it about an umbrella approach of joining people together for the purpose of no longer having Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto. It's not really about what you think about "evil", it's about how other people will react to its use. I think the optics of using such a word are horrible, in that you put yourself in a position where you can be easily marginalized as "nutters" simply for using  it. In short - I think it reduces your chances of being treated seriously.

For me, using the word evil is the embodiment of "all-or-none" thinking. For me, it actually seems like a childish way of handling a disagreement.