How wealthy are the Fords, exactly?

The media constantly refer to Rob Ford and the Ford family as "wealthy" or "very wealthy". "Millionaires" is a term used fairly frequently. 

But how wealthy are they? 

Some claim - as here - - that Rob Ford himself is worth $50 million. 

Other sources claim the family business, DECO Labels & Tags, generates $100+ million per year. 

I've tried to investigate these claims in the past and get some hard data to back these types of numbers up, but because DECO is a private company and the Fords aren't exactly publishing their tax returns, I've found it impossible to substantiate any of these figures or assertions. 

I'm starting this forum topic as a way to start to figure out - just how much money do the Fords have? 

Please feel free to share your research, thoughts, analyses, etc here! 

Globe & Mail wrote an article on this subject back in November -


"Between their private residences, their three Florida condominium units, their three plots of Muskoka land and waterfront cottage, as well as three swaths of commercial land – totalling 156,421 square feet – owned by companies they control, the Ford family has real estate holdings worth more than $10-million. That figure is based on valuations conducted by MPAC, the Municipal Property Assessment Corp., which is responsible for valuing land for tax purposes. It is also based on tax assessments in Broward County, which is where their Florida vacation properties are located."

"When the Ford family patriarch, Doug Ford Sr., died in 2006, there was very little that was divulged about his net worth in Ontario court estate filings. But a deeper dive into the Ford family’s property records shows that as of early 2013, the estate contained enough to make a $5-million loan. In late March, the Estate of Douglas B. Ford loaned $5-million to the Ford family holding company, Doug Ford Holdings Inc."

This is an amazing article. The author of this blog really has done his homework. He has tried to finds many different variables as to how wealthy the Ford's may be as well as how well the company is doing.

"Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford has always presented himself to the public with the persona that he's "one of the sweaty, middle class masses".  In fact, this certainly does not appear to be the case, particularly when one digs a bit below the surface into the Ford family business.  There is some difficulty in doing this since the family business is privately owned but, in this posting, I will attempt to put the picture together using as many reliable sources as I can find." 

Quoted from article.

Just a little side note, I believe that in the near future we maybe hearing of a major audit of Deco especially after the police reports were released to the public showing that Rob's SUV is leased by Deco (not purchased as a Birthday gift which both Rob and Doug have claimed) as well as one or two of his Cell phones are registered to the company.  If he is not claiming these on his personal income tax as taxable benefits than both Rob and the company will be investigated by CRA.  Especially now as they are trying to crack down on tax evasion. :)