Analysis of Rob Ford's 2014 election strategy

This thread is meant to be used for the purposes of discussing/analyzing Rob Ford's re-election strategy.

On his twitter feed, cultural journalist and historian Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) posted some very compelling analysis which we should use for discussion.

1. Take a look at the banner on this site: @2014MayorFord and start thinking about Ford's pitch to non-white voters.
(Spoiler - It is a picture of Rob Ford surrounded by non-white people)

2. There's plenty of evidence that Rob Ford thinks the way to be re-elected is to mobilize non-white voters.

3. What's Ford's pitch to non-whites? I think its based on idea that "I'm one of you" because I'm also marginalized by city elite.

4. For many white Toronto, the police are emblem of respectability. For many non-whites, agents of racial profiling & capricious harassment

5. Rob Ford is the price Toronto is paying for not dealing forthrightly with marginalization of immigrant communities.

6. Homophobia of course is the toxic red meat that Ford uses to feed his alliance with socially conservative immigrant communities.

7. There are well-to-do Torontonians who think that racism and homophobia aren't part of city's daily life. They are great fools.

8. There's some parallels with Ford's use of homophobia to divide & conquer and similar technique in contemporary France.

9. Ford's pitch "like you I get hassled by the cops, like you I get redemption from church, like you I'm uncomfortable with Pride parade"

11. We also need to think about class divide within immigrant communities. Ford's pitched aimed at working class.

12. Anecdotal but I'd say immigrants who are teachers & accountants have soured on Ford more than working class immigrants.

My personal opinion is that he is right on the money with this analysis.
This is in fact what is going on, but the mainstream media is not addressing it so much.

A thing to focus on is subverting Rob Fords "I'm like you" message.

"Like you I get hassled by the cops" - subversion - "Unlike you, I am a millionaire so my lawyer takes care of all that"

"Like you I get redemption from church" - subversion - "Unlike you, I am not sincere with my beliefs, I do not not attend with my family, and pretty much only show up for photo-ops"

"Like you I'm uncomfortable with Pride Parade - subversion - "Unlike you, I will cash in on LBQT relationships (Hi Sue Ann Levy) and pass myself off as NOT anti-gay whenever it suits my interests"

The above is just brainstorming... The ideal would be to find simple/clear ways to express subversion.

This is so baller Sam. And Jeet. Apologies for delay replying.

Also apologies for saying "baller". 

I think the overall RobFordMustGo project is in a kind of holding pattern for March, focused on just keeping the sit-in proper going as there aren't enough people with enough free time to push it beyond that into a more active citywide campaign. 

But that's coming. Like early April.