Arrest and election

Starting this topic to discuss the question - "Say Rob Ford gets arrested - then what?"

A couple of councillors - good, smart, highly experienced councillors - have come by the sit-in and offered their (serious) opinion that Rob Ford could get arrested and still win re-election.

For myself - I think he's done, arrested or no. Doesn't mean we don't need to keep up the sit-in presence or that people across the city don't need to continue doing everything they can to ensure he never holds any level of public office ever again. But my feeling is his career in politics is over. 

In terms of an arrest - if he's arrested for something like drug possession it probably won't impact him particularly. Conspiracy would have more of an impact. If he's arrested for anything involving murder, though, however peripherally... yeah, all right, that's going to have an impact. I do not believe Doug Ford's quote about "Rob could commit murder on the steps of city hall and people would still love him" is accurate. 

What do you think?