27 Days and counting - what are your thoughts on the sit-in so far?

We've been having a lively discussion on twitter about the sit-in so far - I'll be gathering tweets together shortly and posting a lot of them here. Meanwhile please feel free to use this topic to share your thoughts & feelings & ideas & suggestions about the sit-in! Comments welcome from both people who've participated in it directly and people who've been following along online!

What do you think and feel about the RFMG sit-in so far? 

I have a couple of personal goals for my own, not particularly significant or onerous, participation in the #RFMG movement. 

1.  I want to demonstrate my bewilderment and disgust at the antics of our Mayor-in-name-only, in a way that forces me to "use my words" and not just make squawking noises at my phone. 

2.  I want to get to know more people, outside my narrow and remarkably un-diverse circle of friends and colleagues, with whom I can learn, share perspectives, and talk about how stuff gets done (or might get done) in this city. 

In my books, talk isn't cheap:  it's essential. I so value the chance to meet and talk with the people who are taking part in the sit-in:  your grace gives me hope and energy, and your wit and perspectives have become essential to me. 

As some of you know, I've now done a bit of volunteer work with David Soknacki's campaign, and I hope to do more.  I see that involvement as a way of engaging in a different aspect of the political process - and I'm happy to keep those two aspects quite distinct. I sit in because I feel like it's good for my soul; I knock on doors or whatever because it's part of a mathematically-driven exercise that I hope will get more people out to make an informed decision at the ballot box in October. Heart and head?  Something like that!

I recognize that the rigours of keeping the sit-in going are considerable, and I'm happy to see it evolve if that's the will of the group, AND it reduces the strain on Chris in particular.  But I would be sorry to lose the deliberately loose, occasionally shambolic aspects of the sit-in's evolving style, and I suspect that if we move towards tight execution of "strategy", we will disagree on specifics and that will be that. 

If I can summarize:  I guess having one or two people bearing witness outside the Mayor-in-name-only's office for the next 8 months is okay by me, most particularly if we can continue to demonstrate openness, curiosity, civility, joy, and welcome to the people we meet there - fellow sitters-in, elected officials, and City staff. It will not be my only political activity - but it will may be my most important political activity. 

My 2 cents - and you can now see why I didn't tweet it!

Katherine, you're amazing. I think my biggest regret in having to pull back from the sit-in for work reasons is not seeing you and the rest of the evening crew as much as I used to.

My personal goals and skills lie in being a presence at city hall. I can't necessarily say why it feels important to me, or what impact it's having, but it feels right, and it feels like I'm good at being there. So when I can, I'm going to keep being there. 

I'm in the same position as Benny is, work has just gotten crazier so I don't know how often I'll be able to make it back.  I do believe it's important that there is some presence outside his office even if he isn't there, which is usually the case.  I was hoping more people would get involved and I expect they will once he does his next crazy thing. 

I really enjoyed my 3 visits so far and will be back if I have time.  There is a really good vibe among the group of sitters and people who have come by have been really supportive.