dealing with negative, aggressive behaviour

I thought it might be useful to discuss ways to cope with having to be around, and being confronted by, aggressively negative behaviour while at the sit-in. I'm quite shy and introverted -- not to mention female, so possibly seen as an easier target by aggressive males -- thus trying to head off people who are behaving antagonistically is very difficult (unless they're attacking someone else, in which case my mother hen instinct kicks in). There have been a couple of occasions when things have gone aggressively negative while I've been there as an anchor and alone. I didn't feel that I was in any danger, but I've still been left dismayed and spooked.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to handle such situations?

Non confrontational is the best,  don't engage, if looking at your computer, tablet, phone, book helps try it.  Nothing will happen to you, there are too many people around and I am certain someone will intervene.  I have been at the sit in several times and never encounter any problems but I am sure there are all kinds roaming around.