A more sustainable schedule

How would people feel about adjusting the sit-in so that it's like... committed to being there Monday to Friday 10 to 6 (9:30 to 7? Or... 9 to 7? ... or similar...) and evenings and weekends are optional? 

In the interest of making it more sustainable?

I would suggest 9 a.m. at the latest during the week. Council starts at 9:30 when they meet in the mornings, as do other committees according to the online schedule, so lots of people would arrive before that.

It would be great to cut down on human wear and tear by making the sitting days and/or sitting week shorter.  

Can we look at when we seem to have the hardest time finding people to sit?  Is there any discernible pattern?  And when do we think our presence has the greatest impact?

I have mixed feelings about this, because my easiest availability is evenings and weekends, and if the sit-in isn't taking place then, I need to re-schedule my work and time so that I can be there when the sit-in is.  I have some of that flexibility.  Maybe I just need to exercise it (and spend those evenings and weekends at the office, to compensate). 


Human wear and tear is a real issue... that said, I think there are two ways to address it: 

1 - make the official schedule shorter, or... 

2- get more people involved. 

Reflecting over the fascinating things that've happened just this past weekend - ie: Ford coming on to the office Saturday after 5, then being recorded on video drunk outside city hall around 10:30; interesting interaction with Ford's staffer Graeme before Ford came in; CityTV interview with Lee Ellis yesterday (Sunday)... 

...stuff HAPPENS there on evenings and weekends. Important stuff. Stuff that can't and doesn't happen during weekdays. 

So... for myself... I'm leaning towards - "hey, let's do all we can to make the second route work". Let's keep the hours as they are and reach out to bring in more people. 

Honestly... weekends and evenings are my personal favourite time to be at the sit-in. I'm not able to be there much at all now for the next probably four weeks, but... when I can go... I love those times. For so many reasons. (One other one: It's like a glimpse of being in a Ford-free future. And how vital is that?)

Weekends are my Favourite too quiet and yes stuff happens like staff (Graeme) coming in on Saturday with "stuff" in brown paper bag He was chatting with us and very friendly


Yeah! That kind of stuff is great. Evenings & weekends you get the kind of extended random friendly interactions that just aren't possible during weekdays. 

Ok - I've been reworking my work schedule, and... I think I can actually clear off most of my remaining client work over the next 1.5 weeks, ie: have most of it done by early/mid next week. 

And then after that... I can contribute about four or five hours per day, every day, to helping organize, communicate, connect, engage, expand & improve website, reach out, bring in more people, write, etc etc. 

And then by end of April I should be able to work full time on this until at least the end of May. 

If it's necessary, that is. If Ford hasn't magically withdrawn from the race and from office. 

Stranger things have happened. 

Anyway - that's my current intention.