Rob Ford at the Guild Inn

I found out this morning via twitter that Rob Ford was going to the Guild Inn in Scarborough.  I am in that area every weekday and had a gap in my schedule so I went at 2:25.  He was scheduled to appear at 2:30 but we all know how he is with time.  I was in touch with Chris who was at City Hall and he kept telling me Ford was still in the council meeting.  There were quite a few area residents as well as media people there so I started going around, telling them there was no way he'd be showing up any time soon.  Just after 2:30, the organizer came around and told us he was in a meeting and wouldn't be there till 4:00.  The council meeting wasn't a last minute thing, so obviously somebody screwed up big time, and as usual, it was the residents and media who had to suffer.  We were all outside and it was really cold. 

I went home and got my camera, then returned at 4.  I already knew he left City Hall at 3:40 and there is no way anyone could get down to Guildwood in 20 minutes, so yet again, we were standing around waiting in the cold and snow.  Finally, he showed up at 4:35.  Any responsible adult would have come out of the vehicle and apologized to everyone but I guess he feels he's used up a lifetime's worth of apologies.  We looked very uncomfortable from beginning to end, which was approximately one hour.  I have a lot of photos but am not sure where to put them.  At one point, the woman who organized this was standing next to him, talking about the issues, and he never once looked at her. 

Doug Ford and Paul Ainslie showed up around 5:10.  Ainslie is the councillor but why was Doug there? 

The one thing I found interesting was listening to people talk about him.  None of it was positive.  One woman was talking to me and at one point said "Can you believe we're talking like this about the mayor of Toronto"?  People were making jokes about him stopping in on 15 Windsor Drive and that's why he was late, or that he stopped off at a bar on the way over.

Thanks for the report, Lee!

I'm particularly interested in the response from the people who were there.  I suppose any Ford-oriented gathering is going to attract people at both ends of the political continuum, but it's good to hear that people were that vocal about their bewilderment and contempt.


I didn't see any magnets or business cards.  The whole time he was there, Jerry stayed in the Escalade, and I think he usually helps dish out magnets.

Yesterday, I ran into the neighbour of one of my dogs who was there both at 2:30 and 4:00.  He was really mad at the media and called CFTO news to complain that their reporter was asking Ford about crack, etc.  He wanted to hear about the trees.  I tried to explain that they ask questions whenever they can find him because he never answers questions at city hall, doesn't tell them where he is etc. but he didn't move his opinion.  For that reason, I'm glad I didn't take a sign.  I didn't feel like it was the right place for it and I wouldn't like it if someone infiltrated something I was working for.  I do have a vested interest in Guildwood since I work there and use Guild Park when the weather is dry.  So I think we need to really think about where we post signs and I don't think invading another cause is right.  I do think putting signs up behind Ford in media scrums at City Hall is a great idea for those who want to do it.  But we don't want to stoop to the Fords' level and we don't want people to turn against us.