Small flier with button printed on it!

Join us at City Hall! We are a grassroots group of individuals frustrated with the mayor we elected.  Rob Ford is part of a larger network of ideologically biased protesters engaged in misrepresenting the office and harming the integrity of our City Council in Toronto. 

Bring this to city hall and find out if the button maker is available!  This will be turned into a button for you, or for a minimum donation of $2, a fridge magnet.

Cool stuff. I like the approach, the second paragraph, the first paragraph first sentence. I'd suggest adjusting wording of first paragraph. 

Suggested change: 

"We are a grassroots group of regular Torontonians who deplore Rob Ford's outrageously disgraceful and reprehensible conduct. We are conducting a peaceful sit-in directly in front of the mayor's office until Rob Ford leaves. Join us at City Hall!"

Also maybe adjust "This will be turned into a button for you" to "This will be turned into a 'Ford Must Go' button for you". 

Just my suggestions!