CBC Metro Morning on Fri. Mar. 28


Toronto's most popular morning radio show, Metro Morning (on CBC Radio 1 at 99.1 FM) plans to interview RoFo at 7:40, part of a series of interviews of mayoral candidates.

RFMG and similarly disillusioned activists have an opportunity to protest CBC's decision to interview RoFo on the grounds that he is far less worthy of that honour/publicity than the 35 other candidates who could be interviewed this Friday. If the protest becomes a media story, or if word of it catches the public imagination, such a protest could draw attention to the utter emptiness of RoFo's candidacy (etc).


Anyone who thinks this is worth a try should participate, the sooner the better. A small start can become a catalyst: handing out self-made flyers that describe the opportunity in stark and simple terms...

The Metro Morning message line ("Vox Box") is at 416-205-5807. Why not call in and tell them you're tuning out on Friday because you think they're just pandering to the sensationalist side of the mayor, rather than giving precedence to the many candidates who have something real to offer?

How about a satellite #RFMG flash sit-in outside the Metro Morning broadcast studio starting at 7am on Friday? 

Same peaceful sit-in as at city hall - signs, etc. Right at the studio, right there when Ford arrives.