Just an Observation

Hello, I am someone that lives outside of Toronto but feels that the Ford's are doing a grave injustice not only to the reputation of Toronto but of all of Canada.  I have been watching your protest and have been there in Spirit since day one. I hope one day to be able to make it to Toronto to sit in with you all. I admire each one of you and the courage you show. 

Lately I have been monitoring the news stories and twitter feeds about Rob Ford using paid staff members to help with his campaigning or showing up at debates. I understand that the integrity commissioner has stated that his staff is allowed to help with the mayor’s campaign as long as it is after hours, weekends, holidays, or evening. Yet I believe that his use has muddied this by having his staff also work in his office on weekends and sometime in the evenings, thus even giving the optics that his office may even being used for campaigning work. 

With this observation, my question would be, could one not go back to the integrity commissioner and explain that his use of staff that also works in his office on weekends and nights should not be allowed to be part of his campaign team as one does not know when they are truly working for the taxpayers (city hall) or campaigning for Rob Ford. Thus blurring the line between campaigning and office use of staff while setting an unethical  precedence for future election. 

This is just my observation and if I lived in Toronto I would express my concerns with the Integrity commissioner. I am not sure if anyone has brought for this observation to her. 

Thank you for taking the time and reading this and know that there are people all over Canada sitting in  with you in Spirit. :)