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At least, I think it was Peter Leon. During the evening on Wednesday a councilor came by and gave a very inspiring pep-talk. Told me we were going to make significant changes, that he was proud of us, etc. I don't remember the exact details, but it left a big smile on my face. I had no idea who he was - someone told me it was Leon.

John - I didn't ask, but I didn't know. Had no idea that he was the appointee. He's one of the few councilor's I've seen walking around looking like he's actually having fun here.

Thank you so much for your heart and dedication John! Maaaaan the things we're going to make happen in the coming weeks; this will be spreading across the city & your skills & energy are absolutely vital to helping make that happen. So very grateful for everything you're doing!

Nice meeting you on Saturday 22/02 I am a long time resident of ward 29 (mary fragedakis) A left over hippy interested in ending the Ford Madness.

I have been following you on twitter since the sit in began wishing I could join in. As a city employee I feel that I can't have a visible presence. Please know that many of us are 100% behind your efforts. Keep up the good fight. We will express our voices at the ballot box.

Thank you for your support! We totally understand feeling like you can't join in as a city employee. It must be a difficult place to work these past many months.

This forum is a safe space, though - and anonymous! I mean, on our end - we have no way of knowing who you are & anyway have complete respect for anyone's desire for anonymity. So please feel free to write more if ever/whenever you want! But probably best to make sure you don't write from any computer owned by or physically situated on property of City of Toronto! :D

I am not a resident physically but my heart resides in Toronto. There are 2 reasons why I support this protest.

First My family immigrated to this country and settled in Toronto where my father was schooled, my aunt lived (50 years), married and is now buried. Although I was not born in Toronto it was my second home as I spent many summers with my aunt and grandmother. My family had many political talks about the governing of Toronto when I was growing up. Discussing the past mayors and amalgamation were/are big issues with in my family. Only a few distant cousins continue to live in Toronto but my heart will forever reside in Toronto.

Second, Toronto is the Largest City of Canada, Ontario's Capital, and the Country's Financial Hub thus the heart of our country. Just as when a man's heart is diseased the whole body is affected. Rob Ford has not only made the City of Toronto ill, but now the whole nation is affected by his actions, lies and hatred.

I know I am not the only one who lives outside of Toronto, that supports your protest, I believe you have nationwide support some just quietly and in spirit. Please know if I could I would be sitting right there with you all yet since I can not I am fully with you in thoughts, spirit and prayers. For it take courage to stand up for what you believe in and to step out of ones comfortably to make this stand. Should I be able to come to Toronto for a visit, I would be honoured to sit in with you all.

Should there ever come to a point of making your buttons available to those outside of Toronto my husband and I would wear them with honour. Rob Ford has many times said that he has national supports (support from all over the country) we would like to show him that there are many that do not support him in this nation.