I promised I'd report in on my tshirt research SEVEN DAYS AGO; but my exposure to the Brothers Ford has clearly turned me into a shameless liar.  Also, I tried to post my learnings last week, but somehow managed to erase my post, instead.  So I'm incompetent, too:  something I'll blame on them, because taking responsibility for your own actions is for losers.  I could go on...

If people want shirts that are brand-consistent, it looks like they'll cost somewhere between $30 and $40 each. is the more expensive of the two "on demand" websites I visited  - however, the larger the number of tshirts ordered at the same time, the more the price per unit drops (as does the cost of postage per single tshirt:  postage is $13 if you order a single shirt, but only $15.50 if you order two at a time). looked to be less expensive.  But it's hard to see how we could get the price lower without ordering a lot at the same time - something I think we'd have difficulty organizing.

Both sites have a range of customizable products, from shirts to hoodies to iPhone and android cases to coffee cups.  (Possibly also Dasani bottles, beer cups, and crack pipes - I'd have to ask.)

A cost-controllable alternative, as some suggested (and modeled) at the meeting, is DIY.  Here's a step by step guide from Hewlett Packard on how to do it:

The special transfer paper seems to be from $1 to $1.50 a sheet,depending on how many you buy and a number of manufacturers (HP, Avery, house brands at the big office stores) make them. Beyond that, it's a question of choosing your shirt, choosing your look, accessing a good enough printer of the right type, and ironing away!



Katherine, aka @kacarleton





We can make a design, buy the transfer paper at staples take your design & transfer paper to the printing desk - I am sure they can print the design on the tranfer paper with their color copier.  Just make sure your design in printed in mirror on your design sheet :)  They will charge you just the regular copy price for the transfer print.   I had done this a few years ago and the Tshirts prints were fine. having the transfers photo copied is far cheaper than printing them on your ink jet.



I really liked the Ford magnet-inspired designs that John of Newmarket (gosh, that sounds like the title of a member of the Tudor nobility...) designed and posted elsewhere on the site.  Could we work with one of those designs for the Tshirt fronts?

Finally got the mock-up back from my shirt guy... (I've ordered a small 10 shirt run of my CBGB inspired design) Chris gets one, Deb will have a v-neck waiting... My wife and I each get one, so six up for grabs.. they'll be ready late Tuesday...