so i was at the sit-in today
and i was thinking about ways to disseminate information
the idea of a flyer came to mind

i'm capable of handling the graphic design portion of it;
but i'd like to gather information from people regarding
what kind of information to include on the flyer:
e.g. mission statement, who we are, what we're about, contacts, ways people can help

any input that anyone could give would be an asset

That all sounds like great & important info to include! We don't have an official mission statement as such yet - beyond, I guess, "Rob Ford Must Go"!

I'm going to be doing a lot of writing tonight and tomorrow & starting a few new forum topics to discuss things along those lines.

But if anybody has specific suggestions for what kind of wording the flyer should include - please write your thoughts here on this thread!

And - what kind of a design approach do you feel the flyer should take Kai'enne?

Today we were asked for a petition form. Not that I think a petition will hold any power but it might be helpful to collect information so we can read out to those who are willing to take signs, stickers or buttons. I carry a few buttons in my coat pocket and while I was on the bus today a lady said she liked my button and where did I buy it. Reaching in my pocket I gave her one and drew her attention by telling her the web site address was on the button. I have distributed a few buttons with my neighbours and if we can see our way clear we might be able to persuade the bar keeps at our favourite watering hole to keep some handy for their regular anti Ford customers.

while i was at the sit-in today
i asked all the people present for their input into the flyer;
all the stuff i'm about to post is open-source and
anybody who feels like something should be changed or modified
should please speak up and offer ideas or edits :)

--'ford must go' logo (on the buttons)--

--some sort of catchy tag line--
e.g. "Our reasons differ but one thing unites us:
"We have come to understand that our current mayor is not capable of meeting the needs of the people. For the sake of our beautiful city, Rob Ford Must Go."

--mission statement--
if anyone feels up to giving this a shot please do;
something around 3-5 sentences and touching on the following headings:

*peaceful, civil
*promoting inclusion
*we are a collection of individuals representing ourselves
*united under one goal: Rob Ford Must Go
*we seek to connect disconnected people
*our goal is to establish an ongoing presence at city hall

--including the following information--
*website, facebook, hashtag/twitter, anything else?
*city hall address, map, directions, hours, accessibility
*emphasis that people make this movement work & we need volunteers
*"We invite people of all races, genders, ability levels, orientations, ages, ethnicities, creeds, classes and political affiliations."

and maybe a catchy end line like
"Come join the sit-in at City Hall."
and maybe something like "Finally, make your presence heard."
('cos so many people like him because he makes them feel heard)

so yeah!
any input would be a big help!

I like the short tagline. Taglines are nice when short and sweet. "Our reasons differ but one thing unites us" is perfect.

Here's my go at a mission statement: "We are a collective of residents of the City of Toronto engaging in a peaceful and inclusive demonstration at Toronto City Hall. While our ideologies may differ, we are united under one idea and goal – Rob Ford Must Go. Until he does, we will be engaged in a continuous citizen’s sit in outside of the office of the Mayor."

I'd make sure to include on the directions where in City Hall the sit in is located (e.g. Second Floor, outside the mayors office).

I'm always torn on the use of the word citizen or resident. I find that citizen can be a bit non-inclusive, if we are to use the technical meaning (but not the literal meaning). Resident also has its baggage, and could be a barrier to underhoused individuals. As long as we don't say taxpayer (although perhaps we should, to borrow from the Ford lexicon).

Hi There, first time poster, long time watcher :) I have some suggestions for the flyer, and these thoughts came about after a discussion with a friend last night. See, he doesn't have a computer, or a cell/smart phone, so all the information he gets is from the TV or the Sun/Metro. He WAS a ford supporter, now no longer :) The thing is, and this is not  a dig to my neighbours, but the /or a flyer should be directed to the under educated. Politics are very, very intimidating and my experience is, "out of sight, out of mind". Having said all that, maybe do a Myth/Truth flyer. Head line it with the ROB FORD MUST GO. Also in several languages, Arabic is huge in my ward. These flyers can be distributed to laundry mats, apartment building lobby or where they pick up mail. Loads of community centres (although I don't know the legalities of this). Grocery store boards where announcements are....

Well, these are my suggestions, thanks for letting me speak :)

EXCELLENT suggestions & thoughts Aidans25mum! Thank you so much for sharing them!

Do we know anybody who can translate flyers into other languages??