Rob Ford and the genius of calling people back late

Rob Ford loves boasting that he returns all of his calls. He's a pathological liar, though, so obviously on the face of it the claim is false. But! - because it's one of the only parts of being mayor that he actually understands, it's definitely something he does try to do, and while he doesn't (and physically can't, due to the inherent limitations of there only being 24 hours in a day) return all calls, he does return many.

Here's the thing, though - he often returns calls weeks or months after the person has called. And at weird hours - 10pm Saturday night, for example. Several people who've been to the sit-in have talked about getting calls back from him at odd hours like that. 

There's a kind of perverse genius, though, to calling people back weeks after the fact. And it's this - when that much time has passed it's almost certain that the person has either a) resolved their problem already, or b) forgotten about why they called. Which means Rob Ford gets to have a very short conversation and leave the person who's received the call with the impression that he cared enough to get back to them personally.

And he doesn't have to do anything.

And a lot - not all, but a lot - of people walk away from that just remembering that Rob Ford called them back personally and they spoke with him. 

Even though it was weeks late and he didn't actually do anything. 

And they tell their friends about it and it becomes a story that they repeat many times, helping to build the mythology.

So. That's one of the key ways that Rob Ford scores extremely easy political points. 

I was at a client's house last night and steered the conversation over to Ford because my client is Gay so I figured he would hate him, which he does!  He told me that his partner was working on some kind of project years ago for HIV+ funding and it was at the time Ford didn't want to fund because, basically, if you weren't gay you wouldn't get HIV according to Ford.  So my client emailed Ford and said he agreed and wanted to take it further, no funding for overweight people who get diabetes, no funding for people with high blood pressure if they had it because they were overweight, etc.  Basically, anything Ford could or would have because of his weight issues, he hit upon.  Ford DID reply to him and invited him to come to his office to talk about it but my client refused.  I think Ford does that because he knows most people won't take the time to actually go to see him.