Theme days?

This idea has been brought up several times by various participants at the sit-in - the idea of having theme days. Like seniors day, library day, drag queen day, etc etc. What do you think? Share your ideas & suggestions here!

Hey folks, Mina here, I was participating in this discussion at the sit in today, and I'd like to expand on the idea.

First, I'd like to thank Elizabeth for the idea.

The suggestion was to reach out to certain aspects of the City of Toronto, especially those who have been affected by Ford's policies. And have a theme every once and a while.

For instance, if we were to dedicate February 28th as "Library Day" we'd let it be known (through whatever means at our disposal) that that was the theme. Guests would be encouraged to bring their favourite books from the library, and CUPE 4948 (The Toronto Public Library's Worker Union) would be encouraged to join the sit in.

Other suggestions of themes were:

* Seniors
* Youth
* The Queer Community
* Cyclists

and so on.

Such themes could also coincide with certain issues on council (e.g. last week the new Taxi rules were being discussed, and we would have reached out to the cabbies to participate in the sit in).

Personally I like the idea of setting one day a week aside to be the theme day. For example, every Friday was theme day.

i second the idea of having theme days on fridays

i also like the idea of making this friday's (28th) be library day :)