Security Guard Intimidation

Chris has suggested that I pass on to everyone the exchange I had with a security guard on Friday, so here it is:

Being Good Friday, City Hall was completely deserted.  Being kind of bored, a took a little walk around the second floor rotunda and snapped a few photos of the arcitecture.  Within seconds of having shot from a particular angle, a security guard (female, brown hair, french braid, apparently she's a weekend regular) came bounding up the stairs, angrily asking if I had been taking photos of the security guard station.  I said I hadn't.  Well, then, she wanted to know, what had I been photographing?  I said I had just taken a couple of shots of the rotunda.  She then demanded that I scroll through all the pics on my camera, presumably to see if I was telling the truth.  I did.  I wish I hadn't, but I was caught entirely off-guard.  Anybody else have any similar experiences?

Nope never had any encounter with her.  The only encounter we had was the guard who told us to put the chairs back eventhough it was Saturday afternoon. Weeks after the incident the same guard saw us in the chairs placed in a circle and didn't mention anything. After reading this topic I strolled over and have no idea what set her off not a heck of a lot to see. I was alone this morning till 1pm and never saw a security guard. 

She was there yesterday.  She has her hair pulled back in a pony tail and usually goes around Ford's office and all the other ones on the 2nd floor on Sunday's in the early afternoon when I've been there. 

I was talking with a friend yesterday and mentioned the incident and was told the security guard had no right to ask you to show the images.  He said you should have refused and for her to call the police if she thought you had done something illegal.  I am inclined to think Lisa has done right to show her the images.  Do I think the guard was flexing her authorothy?  Yes.