May 16th milestone coming up - 1 year since crack story broke

On May 16th it'll be one full year since Gawker and then the Toronto Star posted their stories about the Rob Ford crack video.

One. Full. Year. 

And he's still in office. 

And running for re-election.

And polling in second place. 

And many believe he could win re-election. 

To this, I say: NO. 

So! - we should do something at the sit-in to mark that day. Something large. 

Maybe that would be a great day to put Lisa Blais' chalk-in at Nathan Phillips Square idea into action? 

We cannot let that day go by unmarked. We have to do something large, significant. Something that rallies people. 

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions/feedback? 

How about doing something to thank the media that day?  We know how much guff they take from the Fords; but without their efforts (and the support of their editors), May 16 wouldn't have quite the resonance that it does. (NOTE:  I'm not disagreeing with the chalk-in idea at all...this is an add-on.)

I like that! Maybe we could like... create some kind of award on behalf of the people of Toronto and present it to Kevin Donovan and Robyn Doolittle; like give them a trophy. 

And then give all of the other reporters medals. 


I do think we should do something for the media but I was thinking more like pizza day.  As for marking May 16, are the people from Urban Toronto and Save Toronto part of the sit in?  I think it has to be bigger than just us.  I am pretty sure I won't even be able to make it that day although I'd love to but weekdays are not easy for me to get to. 

Robyn Doolittle is now with the Globe and I don't think she'll be at city hall anymore.  Is Donovan ever at city hall?