Unanswered questions for Rob Ford

Hi all --

I've just joined this forum. My handle comes from a Louis CK routine (love Louis CK) but I'm female and I don't look like Louis CK. :) I've been to the sit-in once and hope to come again (when I was there it was very quiet, so I only met Chris and Matt). Mostly I'm on Twitter (@fortyfs), where I've been amusing myself by responding to every tweet from the @TOMayorFord account with a question about his various shades of bad behaviour, alleged, rumoured or confirmed. I started doing this last summer, before the crack video was confirmed, and started up again a couple of weeks ago.

To be perfectly honest, I don't think this is going to accomplish anything concrete. Certainly, no one in Ford's office is ever going to answer any of these questions because of something a random stranger does on Twitter (or at all). I just do it to entertain myself and to remind whoever's tweeting from that account that this stuff matters, that it is NOT forgotten, and maybe to remind the odd Ford National of the same (a girl can dream). I think the sit-in serves a similar purpose -- certainly it would be lovely if it accomplishes more, but I think it's worthwhile to sit there as a constant reminder that Toronto's people are NOT all okay with this gross family and their gross behaviour.

Anyway, Chris Caple suggested I create a thread here to collect the questions I've been asking, so I'm doing that. I usually think the questions up on the fly whenever I see that @TOMayorFord has tweeted again, so some of them are higher quality/more important than others, and I've asked some of them multiple times.  

EDIT: I should add that I wouldn't have heard of most of this stuff, maybe any of it, if not for the Toronto media. I'm largely repeating, paraphrasing and compiling questions that our better journalists have asked of the Fords, or thinking of questions based on their articles, and I'm very grateful to those journalists.  I'd hate it if my particular choice of slacktivism were taken as a criticism of them, or an attempt to diminish what they do rather than amplify it.  They're doing awesome work at City Hall (and taking some pretty vile abuse for it); I'm just trolling. 

Below is the current list, as far back as I've been asking consistently, and eliminating the duplicates. I'll add more in edits as I continue to ask questions. Cheers to all!

  1. When was the last time you worked a full work day?
  2. How many times have you driven drunk in the past year?
  3. What do you know about the attack on Fabio Basso that occurred shortly after the "crack video" story broke? Did you order it?
  4. You promised to stop drinking, then lied about having made that promise. Why?
  5. How many times have you purchased illegal drugs in the past three years?
  6. Did you threaten to "put the heat on Dixon" if the crack video was exposed?
  7. Are you going to apologize to Olivia Gondek for making sexual comments about her on national TV?
  8. What substances were you on the night you were asked to leave the Garrison Ball?
  9. Do you think the "average hardworking family man" gets drunk & high at the office & invites co-workers to "go out & get laid"?
  10. Who decided to bring your wife out to face reporters after you made a vulgar and invasive comment about having sex with her?
  11. Did you or Payman Aboodowleh ever provide or sell illegal drugs to players on the football teams you coached?
  12. Why did you try to visit Bruno Bellissimo in jail, after hours?
  13. Did you call a taxi driver a "Paki" and mock his accent, as reported by your staff? Will you be apologizing for that?
  14. What was in the envelopes you exchanged with Sandro Lisi?
  15. When was the last time you purchased illegal drugs?
  16. Why do you refuse to talk to police?
  17. Why did you and Sandro Lisi exchange so many phone calls the day Anthony Smith was killed?
  18. Did Sandro Lisi actually work on your 2010 campaign? If not, you used city-paid staff to lie to the courts.
  19. What were you doing in the staff washroom at the Foggy Dew?
  20. How did you know Anthony Smith?
  21. When do you plan to apologize for using the slur "fag" in your derogatory dismissal of Justin Trudeau?
  22. Is it in fact Elena Basso goading you to make racist and homophobic remarks in the "crack video" or is it someone else?
  23. Did you help orchestrate the prison beating of Scott MacIntyre?
  24. When you told one of your staff "there are people in more trouble than me", what did you mean by that?
  25. Are you or were you in fact paying bills at 15 Windsor Rd., and if so, why?
  26. You've been saying you smoked crack "about a year ago" for months now. What day(s) did that actually happen?
  27. Why didn't you speak to any of the people whose job it is to promote TO's film industry before going on this trip? [i.e. his trip to Hollywood]
  28. When Scott MacIntyre came to your house yelling "you owe me money, your sister owes me money", what was he referring to?
  29. What happened the night you allegedly threatened to take your children out of the country against your wife's will?
  30. Did you, as reported, keep a personal stash of marijuana in your office desk at City Hall?
  31. How did you get to and from Steak Queen on January 20? Did you drive drunk?
  32. How well did you know Anthony Smith, and how well do you know the young men who murdered him?
  33. Why did your wife end up in a police car with bruises & scratches all over her body?
  34. What is your exact relationship with Alana Kindree?
  35. Why did you insist Payman Aboodowleh be allowed to coach teenage football players despite his criminal behaviour?
  36. Why did you decide it was OK for a drug dealer with a history of violence against women to babysit your 8-year-old daughter?
  37. You were charged with assaulting your wife in 2008. What was the situation that led to those charges?
  38. When you said Sandro Lisi was "a great guy & straight as an arrow", how much did you know about his criminal past?
  39. In your 2010 campaign, you promised a new subway would be open in time for the Pan Am Games. Where is it?
  40. Did you, as reported, promise very large raises to any staff member who stayed with you through the crack scandal?
  41. When did you start purchasing drugs from members of the Dixon City Bloods? Was it before or after you "declared war" on gangs?
  42. Do you think being "the best father around" is compatible with spending Family Day weekend getting high on crack?
  43. What do you know about the reasons for Anthony Smith's murder?
  44. Why did you run up the City Hall stairs and elbow a member of the media in the face?
  45. Police gave you an opportunity to see the "crack video." Why did you lie about that?
  46. How many times have your children witnessed "domestic incidents" between you and your wife?
  47. Who was the woman in your office on the night of March 17, 2012, and why did you bring her there?
  48. was pulled over in May 2013 for drinking & driving. Why did you tell it happened "the other night"?
  49. Why did you really hire Dave Price, and who decided that he should be paid nearly twice the going rate for his job?
  50. On Nov 18, 2013, you had a staff member film the public gallery in council chambers. What did you plan to do with the footage?
  51. At the time of your election, did you in fact tell your wife you planned to "get off the pills" but not give up "the blow"?
  52. Did you drive drunk to the Taste of the Danforth festival last year?
  53. How much taxpayer money has been spent to pay city staff to do personal errands for you, the Don Bosco Eagles, and Deco?
  54. You say you love being mayor, so why are you reading the Sun sports section at the [council] meeting today [March 25, 2014] instead of listening?
  55. At the CJPAC event where alleges you groped her, she also said you seemed out of it. Were you on drugs that night?
  56. When was your last visit to 15 Windsor Road?
  57. The Star has reported that 911 has been called to your home more than two dozen times. Why?
  58. It has been reported that you like to humiliate departing employees by forcing them to do the "walk of shame." Is that true?
  59. Do you teach your children that it's OK to lie if you're embarrassed and don't want to tell the truth?
  60. #RFMG sit-in participants saw you carrying what looked like LCBO bags into your office at City Hall.  Are you drinking at work?  If so, why?
  61. Dixon Bloods members said they had photos of you on the "hezza." Have you used heroin since becoming mayor of Toronto?
  62. When do you plan to apologize for calling Chief Bill Blair a "cocksucker"?
  63. Besides Dave Price, how many people have been given City Hall jobs based on their "loyalty" to the Ford family?
  64. Will you and your brother provide the public with an accounting of what it costs to run your city offices and who is paying?
  65. Members of the Dixon City Bloods were concerned that you had connections to "dirty cops" who would do your bidding. Do you?
  66. Is it true that the same police officers have come to your house every time your wife or other family members called 911?
  67. Cllr Di Giorgio says you were "somewhere between sober and drunk" at the ACC on April 5. How much alcohol had you consumed?
  68. In 2012 you said Torontonians were your bosses. Now you say you can do whatever you want & it's no one's business. Why?
  69. You say you're "the best father around." How many days per week, on average, are you home when your kids go to bed?
  70. You've never commented on the allegation that you told a City Hall security guard you were going to "eat her box". Did you?
  71. Did you use crack or other intoxicants in your City Hall office the night of April 5 or the early morning of April 6?
  72. Where did you go after you left the Muzik nightclub in the early morning of April 6?
  73. Why do you feel entitled to criticize the police for their treatment of you but defer to them entirely on racial profiling?
  74. Did you tell one of your constituents, a taxpayer, that he was "the load your mom should have swallowed"?

Via twitter user @UWSOC101, an interesting couple of queries - 

  • You claim to be "the best mayor the city has ever had" (http://robfordfiles.com/quote/569); who do you feel are the next best mayors in Toronto history, and why do you respect them? 
  • Are there any grounds under which you would think it appropriate that any mayor - not necessarily you - should be removed?