Create your own RobFordMustGo Flash Sit-in!

Can't get to Toronto City Hall but would like to take part in the RobFordMustGo sit-in? 

Create your own RobFordMustGo Flash Sit-in! You can do it anywhere in Toronto - or Ontario - or across Canada - or anywhere in the world!

It's really easy!

  1. Make a "" sign - we started the sit in with one scribbled on an ordinary piece of letter size paper
  2. Find a public spot somewhere - in a civic centre, maybe a mall, a community centre, or when the weather gets warmer, somewhere outside!
  3. Plunk your sign and yourself down and sit!
  4. If people stop to talk, be warm, kind, friendly, and invite them to sit with you!
  5. Sit and talk for however long you can or want - 15 minutes, 30, an hour, a couple of hours - a flash sit-in can be whatever length you want and can take place anywhere!
  6. Tweet out a photo of your flash sit-in using the #RFMG hashtag - we'll retweet it on the main @robfordmustgo twitter account!

And that's it! 

You can talk about anything you like - doesn't have to be Rob Ford! But of course you can totally talk about Rob Ford. 

If any Ford supporters come by and want to argue, that's cool; we've found that being kind, respectful, and really listening to what they're saying has led to a lot of rewarding interactions. Most Ford supporters have many basic facts wrong because Rob and Doug Ford lie constantly and without shame. If you get a chance to speak with a Ford supporter, you can gently point out areas where they've been duped by the Fords. Please do your utmost to keep it calm and peaceful - RobFordMustGo sit-in is about understanding and connection and empathy. It's about not-fighting. 

All the love to you and your flash-sitting!